FishMoDo Breeders Award Program (BAP)

I. Purpose:

  1. To encourage aquarists to breed fishes.
  2. To share information concerning their spawning and rearing.
  3. To make available to the hobby a wider variety of captive bred fishes.
  4. To recognize achievements by members concerning the breeding of fishes.

II. Administration:

  1. A BAP Committee consisting of a BAP Chairperson, appointed by FishMoDo, and 2 to 3 additional members appointed by the BAP Chair shall administer the BAP.
  2. The BAP Chair shall set up and maintain a record system containing all pertinent data, along with a file of spawning reports submitted. The BAP Chair shall be responsible for preparation and presentation of awards, and for submission of information to the website.
  3. The BAP Chair shall be responsible for the placement of fishes into point classifications, and shall maintain a list of these classifications. From time to time it may be necessary to reclassify certain fishes. In case of reclassification, all previously reported spawnings shall receive the current point value. In the event a classification point value is lowered, the breeder’s current point total will not be lowered. Nomenclature will be determined in accordance with the California Academy of Science, currently the most complete reference available.
  4. The BAP Chair shall keep a record of participating members’ point totals, to be published monthly.
  5. All decisions of the BAP Committee relative to this program shall be final and binding.

III. General Rules:

  1. Participants must be FishMoDo members in good standing.
  2. All fish entered by a member into the BAP must be conditioned and maintained in his/her own tank. The breeding of the fish and raising of the fry must be done in the same manner.
  3. Points will be assigned in the name of a couple (i.e. John and Mary Doe), a family (i.e. Doe family), or an individual (i.e. John Doe).
  4. In order to be credited with spawning any species, the member must spawn and rear to at least 60 days of age at least 4-10 fry, depending on the class of fish.
  5. Any species not previously spawned in captivity points will be awarded for each of the following steps if documented by photos and submitted:
    A. Spawning
    B. Hatching
    C. Free swimming
    D. Reaching 60 days post free swimming.
  6. All spawning reports must be submitted upon approved Spawning Report form on to the BAP chair for verification.
  7. In all Classes, the date of hatching shall be considered to be the date the eggs hatch, and the date of birth for livebearers.
  8. Hybrids of any type are not allowed, with the exception of domestic livebearer strains.

IV. Requirements for Spawning Credit According to Classification:

    Species will be classified according to four levels of difficulty, Classes "A", "B", "C", and "D". Requirements for receiving credit for spawnings from the various classes are as follows:
    Class "A" (10 Points) - raise 10 fry to 60 days post free swimming. General Rules apply.
    Class "B" (20 Points)- raise 8 fry to 60 days post free swimming. General Rules apply.
    Class "C" (30 Points) - raise 6 fry to 60 days post free swimming. General Rules apply.
    Class "D" (40 Points)- raise 4 fry to 60 days post free swimming. General Rules apply. In addition, a director of FishMoDo must be notified and a photo or video of egg(s) must be submitted the opportunity to witness the spawn and spawning conditions within two weeks after spawning.

    First Captive Spawn Bonus (2X all available points) To promote the captive reproduction of fish that haven’t been spawned before, a bonus of two times (2X) points available for the spawn. Base points and all other Bonus Points will be doubled.
    FishMoDo First Spawn Bonus (10-40 Points) To promote the raising and sharing of rare species, a bonus point system has been implemented. For the first FishMoDo spawn of any species, a double point bonus will be given, in addition to the standard points given for its class. Double points will be given for the first FishMoDo member spawn in any Genus and any Family.
    Color Variety Bonus (5-20 Points) In the FishMoDo BAP, full points will be awarded only once (to each breeder) for any species or subspecies, regardless of variety. Subsequent spawns of the same species (but of different color or finnage varieties) will be awarded reduced points. (i.e. Black Angelfish = 20 points; then later, Silver Veil Angelfish = 10 points) This also applies to locations, (i.e. Pelvicachromis taeniatus Bipindi = 30; then later Pelvicachromis taeniatus Wouri = 15 points)

V. Achievement Levels:

The following achievement levels will be recognized upon accumulating the listed requirements:
Novice Breeder - Only Novice Members of FishMoDo may receive this award. Spawn any 3 species, from 3 different genera.
General Breeder - (100+ Points)
- at least 2 species from Class "B" or higher
- at least 2 different families
Advanced Breeder - (200+ Points)
- at least 2 species from Class "C" or higher
- at least 3 different families
Senior Breeder - (400+ Points)
- at least 3 species from Class "C" or higher
- at least 4 different families
Master Breeder - (600+ Points)
- at least 1 specie from Class "D"
- at least 5 different families
- at least 1 article regarding Class "D" species
Grand Master Breeder - (1000+ Points)
- at least 2 species from Class "D"
- at least 6 different families
- at least 2 articles regarding Class "D" species
With each additional 1000+ points a new level shall be created. The first person reaching that level shall be granted the authority to name that level. (Names must be approved by FishModo)

Articles should provide details and insight on the spawning conditions that resulted in a successful Class “D” spawn. The article shall be submitted to for publication on the website. With prior approval of the BAP Chair, an article on a Class “C” that was a FishMoDo “First Species” may be substituted for a Class “D” article.

Revised February 2014